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Name’s the Same

“Five Generations of Williams” This week, Amy Johnson Crow encourages us to write about a family name that is frequently repeated. In my family we have five generations of Williams, beginning with Conrad Wilhelm Windisch, who Americanized his name to Conrad William Windish when he emigrated from Germany. Conrad was one of the “Forty-Eighters,” a […]

The Time My Family Made National News: Harper’s Weekly, 1897

My ancestors have been farmers for hundreds of years. While I find them fascinating, they are decidedly not “newsworthy.” This is why I was totally surprised to find that one time, my ancestors made national news. I wish they had a “feel-good” story that I could enjoy sharing with family and friends. Instead, the New […]

Samuel John Ingram Jr.

(1845-1913) Born 25 October 1845, Samuel Ingram Jr. was the oldest son of Samuel John Ingram Sr. and Susannah Crawford Ingram. Samuel and Susan were married 22 October 1842 in DeKalb County, Georgia (Georgia, Marriage Records, 1828-1978, image) where their fathers were successful landowners. They purchased land in Randolph County, Alabama in 1850 (U.S. Bureau […]

32 Ancestors Project

Thanks to modern record keeping and DNA testing, it is fairly easy to research parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Things can start get challenging around the 2nd great-grandparents, and by the time we start to learn about our 3rd great-grandparents, there are so many difficulties with finding accurate records that it takes an experienced family historian […]