Who’s your daddy, Sarah Ingram?

I started research on the 32 Ancestors project by visiting my Ancestry.com family tree and picking out one of my 3rd-great-grandparents. I didn’t know much about the Ingrams, so it seemed like a good place to start! My records from years ago said that Sarah “Nettie” Ingram’s (1876-1957) parents were John and Sarah Ingram of Walnut Grove, Mississippi. However, the more I looked in to it, the more I realized that the girl, Nettie Ingram of Walnut Grove, did not line up with the woman, Sarah Nettie Ingram of Greenwood, Mississippi.

I know something of Sarah Ingram from her granddaughters, Mary Ann and Catherine Griffin. My Grandmama Mary Ann remembers her grandmother, Sarah Barnett Ingram, coming to visit the Griffins at their home in Montgomery, Alabama. Sarah was a talented seamstress and she always brought beautiful dresses to share with her granddaughters.

Sarah Ingram married her cousin, George W. Ingram, in 1899. They had three children named Thelma, Godfrey, and George C. In 1912, her husband died and Sarah went to work as a seamstress to support her family.

There is a wealth of information available about Sarah Ingram from the time she got married in 1899 until her death in 1957. However, details about her early life are difficult to find.

Then I found Sarah’s obituary and there were so many more questions than I had started with! Her children were all named correctly, but there were four siblings listed as survivors and I had never heard of them (St. Clair News-Aegis, 1957). Stranger still, they were all Ingrams. Wouldn’t that be Sarah’s in-laws, the siblings of her late husband, George Ingram, and not her own biological brother and sisters?

After careful research, I determined that Sarah’s maiden name was Sarah Barnett Ingram. People called her Nettie, short for Barnett. Her parents were Samuel and Mary J. Ingram (1880 U.S. Census, Coosa County, Alabama). Sarah’s husband, George Ingram, was her first cousins, so yes, they were both Ingrams from birth!

George and Sarah shared common grandparents, Samuel and Susannah Ingram.

After George died, Sarah married George M. Tupper. They had one daughter, Clara Tupper Nunn. When Sarah was in her 70s, she moved in with Clara’s family at their beautiful apartment in the New Orleans French Quarter (New Orleans City Directory 1945).

Now I can write my 32 Ancestors post about my 3rd-great-grandparents, Samuel and Mary J. Ingram.


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